Saturday, 28 April 2012

China Glaze - Rich & Famous

Hey you gorgeous lot!
Can I first off start by saying ive had just over 500 veiws & now 15 followers!!!!
Some might be like 'Oh that all' .. But im mega happy & want to thank all the beautiful people who have followed me .. & looked at my blog! THANK YOU! xx
Now onto the post hehe. Today I have the absolutly yummy China Glaze - Rich & Famous for you guys to check out.. I am definatly adore'ing this colour right now ;)

Isnt it just devineeee :O! Im such a pink girly at heart so any shade of pink I get all giddy at haha. This is just beautiful though I must say!
I would recommend using 2 coats as the first coat I did find was a little patchy. Apart from that like all China Glaze, it applys like a dream.

This was chosen to do courtesy of my partner :). As I couldnt decided what I fancied... Typical girl huh? :P

Hope your all enjoying your day xx

Lou xx


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