Monday, 23 April 2012

Barielle - Blossom

Another brief post for today on Barielle - Blossom.
I absolutly love this colour atleast until I managed to get it on my nails. Then it seemed a bit to peachy for myself.

This one is a bit tricky for me, formulation on this is ok?! Although it gets quite gloopy in my personal preferance. Also the brush I found to be a right pain in the backside :( Its really thin & Doesnt seem to pick up alot of polish at all! I had to apply this with one stroke at a time. Rather annoying considering the brush width too!
I do own 2 other Barielle's which I found better to work with.. Maybe this was a bad batch :(
Overall the colour is gorgeous & ill be on the look out for a similar (less peachy one).

Do you own any Barielle? What do you think of there polish's?

Lou xx


  1. Absolutely beautiful color! <3 Feels like summer :)

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