Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Shimmer Polish Trisha

Hey loves,
First day of October already, it's officially time to get the Halloween fun started! I decided to go with a cute simple glitter gradient to kick the month off which in my opinion screams halloween! 

I really try to love orange and this mani sure helps with that, I was totally surprised with how good it looked... I wonder if anyone will be rocking orange nails this month, I'll find myself staring at people's nails now, I just know it lol!
Do you go with specifics round halloween? I've already seen a few cobwebs and spiders which I done too. That and pumpkins are probably up on the 'most seen' manis for me lol. 

Trisha | a beautiful topper mix of orange, gold, purple, silver and blue glitters in various shapes and sizes. 

Shown over Color Gossip Single Ladies.

What do you think? Orange or not? Would you wear this mani even if orange wasn't your colour? 
I'm impressed and don't this match look hot! ;)

Find Shimmer Polish

Lou xx

Monday, 29 September 2014

I finally do the Ruffian!

Hi loves,
Happy Monday lol! Today I'm kicking off the week with something I had yet to try but have always wanted to! The ruffian mani, atleast I'm sure I haven't ... I remember trying it a while back and completely failing LOL.
I decided to give it another go last night as I had reshaped my nails a little? Maybe not even that noticeable but IRL it is. I wanted to go more 'pointy' so I think I slot in the almond shape club now!

It's quite the challenging shape and one that I am yet to photograph well with. 
I adore them in reality and overtime I will probably get better at shaping them, I'm a newbie so forgive me lol.

For this I used Jacava Jet Black along with silver paint and a stunning loose glitter. I topped the black off with GlamPaint Matte Topcoat. 

Are you a fan of the ruffian style mani? I'm stuck on the fence with it. 

Lou x